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Diligent Screening for Tenants in El Cajon

Dimensions In Real Estate understands that tenant screening for El Cajon property owners is one of the most important functions of a management company. Owners do not have the time, experience or expertise to fully vet potential renters. Finding the right tenant the first time saves owners thousands in the costs of evictions, lost rent and even potential property damage. The majority of potential renters fill out applications honestly, but the few that don’t can be hiding serious problems in their past. If you own an apartment building, letting in the wrong tenant could cost you good ones. Condo tenants must be exemplary so you don’t end up facing complaints and fines by the condo association.

Proactive Research Is Key

Our job is more than just providing property maintenance. It starts before the lease is signed. We perform a full tenant screening that includes criminal background checks. We look into past rental history and contact former landlords. We search credit histories for financial problems, including late rent payments and bankruptcies. We verify employment and income information. Because your reputation as a rental property owner is important, we run sex offender background checks to protect you and your other tenants.

We’ve been around the block more than a few times and have an eye for potential scams. While many applicants we screen are upfront and honest, we sometimes see people trying to get into a rental home with fraudulent application information.

We’ve Got Your Back

If you are an El Cajon rental property owner, contact Dimensions In Real Estate at 615-440-5161 and let us use our tenant screening process to help you fill your vacancy with a great renter.