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Professional Rental Property Inspection in El Cajon

Get extra eyes and ears with Dimensions In Real Estate as your management partner in El Cajon. We will help protect your investment with rental property inspection as part of our service. You’re familiar with move-in and move-out inspections, but how often do you check out your property while a tenant is living there? On-time rental payments do not provide an accurate picture of how a renter is behaving in your property. Regular interior and exterior reviews not only help spot problems, they can help prevent them.

Worth the Effort

Like a careful tenant screening, property inspections at regular intervals are good business. Interior and exterior reviews can help prevent poor tenant behavior and lease violations. They can also confirm and let you correct problems with appliances, furnaces and safety equipment, like the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Tenants who know the property is regularly visited by a management company professional are much less likely to get an unauthorized pet, extra roommate or park derelict cars.

Interior inspections should be conducted when the tenant is present, both for legal protection and so that things like plumbing issues can be brought to the management personnel. Driving by the house doesn’t count as an exterior inspection. Management company staff should make a regular, thorough walk around the property, including taking pictures to document existing conditions and verify potential maintenance issues.

Active Investment Partner

You own property as an investment for your future. Your El Cajon property management company should actively help you protect and grow its value. Call Dimensions In Real Estate at 619-440-5161 to speak with one of our trained professionals and find out how we can help you supervise your investment.